My Purpose Inspires

The Movement …

When we say “My Purpose Inspires” or “Our Purpose Inspires”, we are refering to the “3Cs”

1. Confidence
2. Commitment
3. Confession

We are expressing confidence in the unique gifts God has given us as individuals to build up the Kingdom. We are committing to use the gifts we were given to inspire others. We are confessing that we will live everyday purposefully. We are spreading the conversation about what Purpose is and We are inspiring others to make the decision to seek Purpose!

We were all created with Purpose. I believe as we seek God, He reveals new levels of purpose for each chapter of our lives. At the root of your purpose, it will involve being an inspiration to someone else.

My Purpose Inspires is a movement created to encourage others to seek God for purpose and inspire purpose. My hope is that it prompts the questions, “What is my Purpose and How can I be an inspiration?”

I believe the use of our gifts allow us to contribute these same influences just in different ways (1 Corinthians 12:14-20)
​•​ An intimate relationship with God
​• ​A purpose filled life,
• Love & encouragement for others, and
• Salvation for the lost

Join the movement! God can show us little opportunities in our day to be an inspiration. Make a choice to live a life of purpose. Take on the 3C’s in your life today and inspire someone else to do the same! I am still learning to walk in my purpose and how to share it with others. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Be sure to spread the love & inspiration. Use #MyPurposeInspires or #OurPurposeInspires in your social media post!

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