Meet Ke!

Thanks for stopping by… I’m KeRonna. But since we’re friends, please call me Ke.

I am the creator and founder of Ke Inspiration and the My Purpose Inspires movement.  I am first, and most importantly, a believer in Christ. I am also a mother to an awesome little human.

A few years ago, I made a decision to be intentional in my search for God’s purpose for my life and once it was revealed, to stay faithful. The more I began to seek God, the more God began to reveal snippets of what he created me for.  Although He has not yet revealed all aspects, He has provided me with the framework; Inspiring faith and purposeful living.

I have a heart for God and His work. However I often face difficulty staying on course. This is the reality of my faith walk. I’ve experienced many ups and downs in my life and I’ve been able to see God in all of it. I decided to take my personal life experiences and the things God is teaching me as I grow and use it to encourage other people.

I pray that you see my heart in my writing and in what’s to come for Ke Inspiration.