Purpose Daily – STAY THE COURSE

The weekend is upon us and many of us are preparing for some much needed R&R. This is usually the time I get most relaxed in some of the the weekly goals and boundaries I’ve set for myself. I have a tendency to allow in some of the distractions that I’d eliminated during my week in order to remain productive.
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December 2nd

There are so many layers to this story… so many emotions. Every year I get a little more courage to talk about a deeper layer than the year before. This year will be by far the most difficult. Yet, I have to know that my loss was not in vain. It is my prayer my transparency in sharing the story of my angel will in some way, strengthen & encourage someone else. So here goes…

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Throughout my spiritual transition, I’ve encountered criticism regarding what others feel my walk with Christ should look like, particularly in the area of lifestyle changes and struggle with sin. There are some who simply do not understand the changes and there are others that were just more comfortable with my sinful nature. There have been a number of reasons. Either way, I found myself  in a position of constantly having to explain or defend my faith walk.

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I’ve been telling myself for a while now that I am going to get my son and I on a healthier diet. The more I learn about nutritional value, the more I question the food that I consume. I think most people want to get healthy and eat productively, but there are so many factors that make it seem impossible. I mean, you have to REALLY be serious about this health thing in order to make a drastic life change like altering the way you’ve eaten for 30 years. I’ve never paid much attention to my diet, until I noticed an increased amount of fatigue and unhealthy weight gain. I told myself, I have to become more conscious of what I eat. As I examined my physical health it began to shed some light on the similarities in my spiritual diet. Continue reading