Purpose Daily – STAY THE COURSE

The weekend is upon us and many of us are preparing for some much needed R&R. This is usually the time I get most relaxed in some of the the weekly goals and boundaries I’ve set for myself. I have a tendency to allow in some of the distractions that I’d eliminated during my week in order to remain productive.
This can mean eating habits, exercise or more importantly my spiritual life. Does that happen with you?

This is not to say, don’t enjoy yourself. But we want to be mindful of what that means during the current seasons we are in. Any goal worth accomplishing is going to require some sacrifices. ( I know, that is such a disrespectful word to use on a Friday.) Be sure to remind yourself of the reason these boundaries were set to begin with. For me, some were set because once that door is re-opened, it’s even harder to close than before. My “safeguards” were put in place for a greater purpose, no matter how trivial the activity appears to be. Whether it be something you are trying to stop doing or something you are trying to continue to do, allow this weekend to be an opportunity to guard my heart from anything that is counterproductive.  Stay the course.

I pray this inspired you.

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