#KeQuestions : Write and Reflect

Are you like me when it comes to taking notes? I have journals on top of journals. Some I’ve taken great notes in, others are still blank awaiting my thoughts.  I have journals from some really trying times in my life. Notes from great books. … but rarely do I ever go back and reflect on what I’ve written or read.  It may sound simple for some of you, But this has been a major hindrance to my spiritual walk and overcoming tribulation seasons. Satan is crafty in getting us to forget the revelation God has revealed in past circumstances and His grace bringing us out of it. Apart of truly absorbing a book, sermon or just counting blessings & reliving Gods goodness is reflecting on what you’ve written. I’m challenging my self to “write and reflect” this week. If this is a struggle area for you, you should join me. #WriteandReflect #KeQuestions

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